Frequently Asked Questions

The Powered by HYGEN® is a co-brand initiative that offers to Homecare, Healthcare, Food Safety and Industrial Companies highly effective disinfectant solutions that are registered with the EPA.

Yes, all Powered by HYGEN® products are registered with the EPA.

Yes, several Powered by HYGEN® solutions have an additional certification. This includes a DfE certified product: NUGEN® EHP RTU, which contains Hydrogen Peroxide as the active ingredient (EPA# 6836-385). In addition, 3 products: NUGEN® NR RTU, NUGEN® NR-128, and NUGEN® NR Disinfectant Wipes are all registered as D2 solutions (antimicrobial agents not requiring rinse) with the National Sanititation Foundation International (NSF).

No, Powered by HYGEN® products do not contain bleach. The products are quat based, hydrogen peroxide based, or organic acid based.

Oftentimes referred to as quats, these are the active ingredients found in disinfectant products with antimicrobial properties.

A hydrogen peroxide-based product is a disinfectant product containing hydrogen peroxide as the sustainable active ingredient used to kill pathogens. Hydrogen peroxide is a sustainable chemistry listed on the EPA’s Safer Choice list .(more info*

You can find Powered by HYGEN® products in a variety of formats including: disinfectant wipes, disinfectant liquid concentrates, and disinfectant liquid trigger sprays.

Powered by HYGEN® is a co-brand initiative that partners our technology with both national brands and private label manufacturers.  Powered by HYGEN® does not manufacture or sell the finished product, however, we provide the disinfectant technology to our partners who do.  Because of this, the Powered by HYGEN® logo is featured on our partners’ product labels.

We offer different kinds of active based formulations containing antimicrobial agents that kill  many different germs that grow and/or survive on hard and soft surfaces.

Powered by HYGEN® offers several products that have efficacy against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. 

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No, you cannot use Powered by HYGEN® products directly on food.

No, you cannot use Powered by HYGEN® solutions to sanitize your hands.

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*Formulated with Sustainable chemistry: active and inert ingredients included on EPA´s Safer Choice Ingredient List (SCIL). More information on SCIL list, visit the EPA Safer Choice website.